For The Exercise Of The Right Of Collective Self-defense

The new session of the house after the elections, the Japanese media was investigated to amend the Constitution and elected the attitude.Investigation shows, 9 elected in favor of revising the pacifist constitution, in favor of the exercise of Moncler outlet "right of collective self-defense" also reached 8 into.Japan's Asahi Shimbun and University of Tokyo joint investigation shows, in the house of representatives elected, in favor of amending Beats By Dre Pro the constitution of 89%, in favor of mulberry outlet exercising the right of collective self-defense accounted for 79%.Elected members of Parliament, the Liberal Democratic Party for the overwhelming majority of cheap beats by dr dre Japanese modernization, will sending also accounted for the majority, and therefore push up the overall digital.
The winner, answer "to amend the constitution" accounted for 68%, answer "or amend the constitution is good" accounted for 21%, sending close to 9.The Mulberry Bags Outlet opposition is occupied only 6%.Amendment to the constitution of the sending, the Liberal Democratic Party's election victory in 2005 had reached 87%, the 2009 Democratic Party after seizing power reduced to 59%.Senate approval ratio after the 2007 election of 57%, after the 2010 election of 61%.
This is the ninth article of the constitution, for The Noth Face Outlet Store the exercise of the right of collective self-defense, who was 35% in 2005, 33% in 2009, after the election to rise abruptly.This means the LDP President Abe Shinzo policy support.A constitutional amendment requires the support of Senate and house 2/3.On the surface, but also requires parties to respectively, but in fact only from the view of the House vote, has reached the required number of votes.