Straw crafts history

Straw crafts history
The straw crafts straw handbags is using a variety

of flexible herb crafts prepared for the processing of raw materials. With beautiful, generous,

durable, durable, simple, elegant features. Wide range of raw materials growth and geographical

of the straw crafts straw handbag , and was easy to

make, easy to straw craft is very popular in our country folk. Visible earliest relic of straw,

the Hemudu made??, dating back more than 7,000 years old. So that, according to the "Book of

Rites" contains Zhou Dynasty have been prepared to Wando Wando seats, and even then there are

professional grass workers "," for reed reed is. "To the Spring and Autumn Period, has been with

ramie and hats rushes prepared. The Qin and Han dynasties, straw straw handbags in the civil widely used varieties straw

sandals, straw mats, grass fan, straws and monks believers meditation futon. Han Dynasty to the

Tang Dynasty, straw than developed. In addition rushes preparation of Pu Yi, Po shoes, there

rushes prepared Po sails. The Straw Products - stylish straw hat hot summer straw hat has become

the new darling of this year, small shopping a the Street see street influx of people

have woven straw hat to concave shape, shield the hot sun sun at the same time did not forget

extra points to the overall shape of the integration into the trend of the elements, in the

summer, beach style, neutral style straw hat is both functional and fashion.