While many people are wearing, but the style is different

T-shirt big cowboy recommended
Hey! girls ~ ~ This issue belongs to the T-shirt and denim! Both styles of the same wild, are summer must have a single product. While many people are wearing, but the style is different, you can simply wear clothing with the whims of natural; filling can also be the wave of flavor, the interpretation of a unique personality. Clothes in different people have different qualities, so you can choose your favorite, wear clothing with style.
01 bat shirt style cut, whole YY very loose, with a breathable cotton fabric is very comfortable to put on his body, and fat little MM can wear! Simple white dividing lines will be designed to layering Zhao was the letters printed additional influx of taste, the overall impression is simple and refreshing.
02 jeans, has long been quite public, whether it is the fifth of seventh or ninth of the market a variety of styles of various styles have a lot. Rather than the size-fits-, have to work hard on the in the details in order want to to wear clothing with its own characteristics,. Tapered trouser legs curve shape sexy clubwear dresses slender charming, romantic embroidery at the left side and right leg, foot, and adds a bit of gentle breath, suddenly endowed with the pants not the same style, the United States and personalize.
03 In this era full of vitality and inspiration, the designers are increasingly not satisfied with only a single color and fabric of the clothes, then hit the color and fabric stitching intensified. Chiffon and denim stitching, the release of a mixture of surprise charming atmosphere, bead flowers, decorated with lotus sleeve design, and injected into the sweet and elegant. Butterfly forged a generous skirt can bring out the legs thin, so you even more fascinating.
04 striped lines clear and simple, not much change, but still for the people respected, its stylish charm is evident. Stripes occur in the use of in encouraging change gradient color stripes, such as the colorful neon lights, great visual effects, with a relaxed cut, self-cultivation was thin.
05 small straight jeans, not every one MM can control, it is suitable for a certain height and thick legs MM. Carefully crafted version of type, enough legs shape slender and charming, astonishing three-dimensional, put the body cool type. Bottom design to show the proud buttocks, and lots of flesh body keep them coming back one hundred percent!
06 cotton fabric color saturation is extremely high, looks very texture. Design of mixed colors will color the collision, to enhance the striking degree to detonate the first impression. The principle of adhering to the cheap bras sets minimalist round neck, soft lines then beat around the bush, lace stitching adds a feminine the Mix temperament melancholy.
07 woman sexy sometimes does not is that exposed how much, but rather to the people how much room for imagination. V-neck design Bingjixuefu looming Slim cut along the outline of the body outline voluptuous curves, the design of the package hip, buttock-shaped very attractive, the overall impression is unmatched sexy. The use of denim fabric, a somewhat different kind of style, tempting.